Apologize for lack of Activity

Due to some issues with time, availability and overall meetup participation, I have chosen to close out the meetup site. At the end of September it will be shutdown. From this point on any Nutmeg InfoSec activities will be announced here and on the twitter page.

I still believe there are people out there who enjoy discussing and collaborating on InfoSec and hackery.  If you need your fix of hacking and geeking out head over to NESIT Hackerspace.  They typically have public nights on Monday/Wednesday.  Activities include hardware hacking, 3D printing, woodworking, and even cooking.  I once learned to make LEDs blink using Arduino!

So keep an eye out here for any possible meetups or events.  Until then check out Security BSides for upcoming local events.  These are a great events to meet others in the InfoSec community, not to mention the talks are top notch and you usually don’t have to wade through thousands of people to get into. They also cost very little to attend.

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